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Production process of water cooled plate

time:2021-05-20 15:07 author:Heat sink design click:

The application of water cooling technology in the field of heat dissipation is becoming more and more extensive. Water-cooled design products such as water-cooled pipes, water-cooled microchannels, and water-cooled plates are used in different heat elements and heat source machinery. It can be said that water cooling is not a new technology, and is gradually being used even on home computers. Especially some high-end gamers, known as hardware "enthusiasts", custom-made chassis are equipped with a water cooling system. The following is the production process of the water-cooled plate.

The design and manufacture of the water-cooled plate are more precise and require high reliability. Especially for the water-cooled heat dissipation of circuit-related devices, the manufacturing process needs to be more mature to achieve. There are many design styles of water-cooled plates, and the production process is also different. There are die-casting, pipe inserting, machining and so on. The editor will now talk about the production process of the water-cooled plate embedded with copper pipes:

   (1) Thermal design engineers provide water-cooled plate design drawings;
   (2) Select the substrate and cut it into a suitable size with a cutting machine;
   (3) CNC machining slotting and drilling according to the design drawings;
   (4) Processing copper pipes for pressing;
   (5) Fill in epoxy resin for bonding to enhance reliability;
   (6) Post-processing, such as polishing the surface, tapping, etc.

Water-cooled plate with embedded copper pipe