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Heat sink manufacturing supplier
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Aluminum Heat Sink & Profile Manufacturing

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    Heat dissipation technology of LED heat sink

    LED heat dissipation technology LED aluminum heat sink fins This is the most common way to dissipate heat. Aluminum fins are used as part of the LED lamp housing to increase the heat dissipation area. Thermal conductive plastic shell The us...

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    Technology of processing LED heat sink

    The LED heat sink technology was born in 2000 and is made of semiconductor light-emitting diodes. The working principle is electroluminescence, which is the most common way of heat dissipation. Up to now, generally aluminum heat dissipation...

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    Manufacturer of Copper, aluminum Cooling fins

    Cooling fins, referred to as heat sinks. It is classified as a passive heat sink in the field of electronic engineering design. The metal fins (mostly aluminum or copper, silver is too expensive and generally not used) with good thermal con...

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    Design and manufacture of computer heat sink

    Computer heat sinks include: CPU heat sinks, VGA heat sinks, chassis heat sinks, graphics card heat sinks, motherboard chipset heat sinks, hard disk heat sinks, power heat sinks, chassis, optical drives and memory all need heat sinks. The c...

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    Manufacturing standards for electronic heat sinks

    Electronic heat sinks are usually heat sinks for heat dissipation of high-power electronic components. No external power supply, natural cooling, most of them are made of aluminum alloy profiles. Cut into the required size according to the s...

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    Design the heat sink of the power amplifier

    Design of heat sink and power calculation example of low frequency power amplifier The power operational amplifier PA02 (product of APEX) is used as a low frequency power amplifier. The device is an 8-pin TO-3 metal case package. The workin...

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    Power calculation for design heat sink

    Small electronic heat sinks (transistor, motor, peltier, resistor, thermal resistance, pin fin) are made of aluminum alloy sheet through stamping process and surface treatment. The large heat sinks (engine, led, cpu cooler) are formed by ext...

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    Manufacturing process classification of heat sink

    The manufacturing process of the heat sink is generally divided into: aluminum extrusion, aluminum casting, CNC machining aluminum, copper cutting, aluminum and copper stamping fins, copper inlaid heat sink, aluminum and copper embedded hea...

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    China heat sink manufacturer

    The heat sink is a device for dissipating heat from electronic components that are easily heated in electrical appliances. Mostly made of aluminum brass (extrusion CNC machining stamping) or bronze into plate sheet multi-sheet etc. For examp...

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    China heat sink manufacturer

    The heat sink is a device for dissipating heat from electronic components that are easily heated in electrical appliances. Mostly made of aluminum, brass (extrusion, CNC machining, stamping) or bronze into plate, sheet, multi-sheet, etc. Fo...

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  • What is Industrial Aluminum Profile?

    Industrial aluminum profiles are also called industrial aluminum extrusions and industrial aluminum alloy profiles. Industrial aluminum profile is an alloy material with aluminum as the main component. Aluminum rods are melted and extruded t...

  • Profile mold manufacturer for heat sink

    Customized aluminum heat sink mold: comb aluminum profile, sun flower aluminum profile, downlight aluminum profile, spotlight, track light aluminum profile, special shape aluminum heat sink...

  • Liquid cooling technology for heat dissipation

    Liquid cooling technology is a heat dissipation technology that uses the flow of liquid to quickly take away heat. Liquid cooling application refers to the use of liquid cooling plates (also called water cooling plates, liquid cooling fins)...

  • Features of water cooling radiator

    Composition of water-cooled radiator system The water cooling system is generally composed of the following parts: heat exchanger, circulation system, water tank, water pump and water, and heat dissipation structure can be added as needed. ...

  • Stacked heat sink manufacturing

    Stacked fins are designed into a special structure of single fins, multiple fins, and single-profile heat dissipation fins that are superimposed layer by layer using an ultra-high pressure extrusion method to form a heat dissipation body. Th...

  • Aluminum and copper cold forging heat sink

    Cold forging heat sink is a technical process for forming and forging aluminum and copper profiles below the recrystallization temperature (in general, normal temperature). Cold forging materials are mostly aluminum, copper and some alloys w...

  • Copper fins dissipate heat slower than aluminum

    Copper absorbs heat faster than aluminum, but copper does not dissipate heat faster than aluminum. Therefore, the radiator of the pure copper base is generally equipped with a fan with high speed and large air volume to increase the heat dis...

  • Advantages of CNC machining aluminum heat sink

    The high-efficiency thermal conductivity of CNC machined aluminum heat sink is the decisive factor for maintaining good heat dissipation and the most ideal medium for heat energy conversion. The characteristics are: less time, fast heating,...