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Engineering Design and Application of Aluminum Profile

time:2021-12-31 11:42 author:Aluminum Profile click:

Aluminum profile electrical workbench
Industrial design of aluminum profile electrical workbench and assembly line. Aluminum profiles and accessories can be processed and assembled into products: Tool rack (car), operating table, anti-static workbench, product display rack, industrial fence, screen, testing equipment, biological experiment equipment, motor rotor production line, bracket, electronic product production line, assembly line workbench.

Aluminum Profile Metal provides customers with integrated services such as high-quality industrial aluminum profile accessories, design, CNC processing and assembly at a favorable price. Many years of experience in production and development of large-scale processing, implementation of EU production testing standards.

Mainly used for industrial production and manufacturing, such as automated machinery and equipment, the skeleton of the enclosure, and the customized mold opening of each customer according to their own mechanical equipment requirements. For example: assembly line conveyor belts, hoists, glue dispensers, testing equipment, shelves, etc., mostly in the electronic machinery industry and clean rooms.

Aluminum profile product display stand
Electrical workbench of aluminum profile

The aluminum profile workbench is made of aluminum profile materials. It uses the characteristics of diverse aluminum profiles, precise cutting, convenient processing, and non-rusting surface. It can be assembled into various styles of workbenches with various materials and accessories. It has the characteristics of beautiful and light, convenient disassembly and assembly, flexible adjustment, customization on demand, no maintenance, etc., and is widely used in various industrial production industries. The electrical workbench of aluminum profile is suitable for various applications such as mold, fitter, inspection, maintenance, assembly and so on. It has good corrosion resistance, dirt resistance, impact resistance and strong load-bearing capacity.

The table top made of aluminum profile workbench has been specially treated and has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and strong impact resistance. A variety of desktop options can meet different requirements; The configured drawers and cabinet doors are convenient for users to store tools; A power hole is reserved on the corner of the table to facilitate the installation of a power socket. Aluminum profile workbenches (tables) are divided into light (up to 300 kg), medium and heavy workbenches (tables) that can support 1,000 kg and special workbenches.

Various wall cabinets, single cabinets, double cabinets, etc. can be flexibly configured according to needs. It can be equipped with hanging boards, electrical boards, lamp top boards, adjustable foot cups, wheels, shelves and other desk components. There are a variety of options to meet the needs of various workstations.