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Application of Aluminum Profile Fence

time:2022-01-05 12:02 author:Aluminum Profile click:

Aluminum profile fences are mainly used in the surrounding areas of factory workshops, warehouses, and various large-scale production equipment, robots, etc. To distinguish, isolate, protect, and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. At the same time, it can effectively improve the space utilization rate of the factory workshop and high-visualization and efficient management. Doors or passages will be installed in some areas to facilitate the entry and exit of goods and personnel inspection and repair. Industrial aluminum profile fences can not only be customized according to the needs of the site, but also due to the variety of industrial aluminum profiles and the diversity of connection methods. Making it lower in cost, flexible and efficient construction and assembly is now the first choice for the foundation of the construction of digital factories.

1 to 1 plan design, on-site measurement, on-site installation
Can provide design technical support to quickly solve drawing design problems. With mature technology, we provide one-stop service from drawings to assembly.

Engineering Applications:
Safety isolation fence for robots
Protective fence for intelligent production line
Safety fence for industrial equipment
Acrylic board fence
Mobile protective fence for industrial equipment
Partition fence for large factories
Aluminum profile fence for workshop
Aluminum profile fence for lifting platform
Industrial aluminum profile fence for flexible screen production line

Workshop aluminum profile fence