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Aluminum Profile Frame and Workbench

time:2022-01-05 15:26 author:Aluminum Profile click:

Aluminum profile frame
Aluminum profile workbench, also known as: anti-static workbench, 4040 aluminum profile workbench, workshop console. The goods are transported from the distribution end to the pickup end through the raceway, and the goods automatically slide down by gravity, which can realize "first in, first out" operation, low cost, fast storage speed, and high density. It is usually used in the lean production flow operation of the enterprise.

Aluminum profile frame for printing equipment
Aluminum profile frame for photovoltaic equipment
Aluminum profile frame of the detector
Soilless planting aluminum profile frame
Aluminum profile frame for medical equipment
Aluminum profile frame for hydraulic equipment
Aluminum profile frame of water treatment equipment
Aluminum profile frame of melt blown cloth equipment
Aluminum frame of aluminum profile sheet metal equipment

KangDING profiles specialize in customizing various equipment racks, equipment frames, cabinets, and equipment supports. The equipment frame structure using aluminum profile is simpler and quicker to assemble. The surface of the aluminum material is treated with silver white oxidation and the product is beautiful.

Anti-static aluminum alloy workbench
The anti-static workbench is mainly suitable for the electronics industry and places with strict requirements on static electricity. The safety of the product can be guaranteed by using an anti-static workbench.

Aluminum alloy workbench for assembly line
Anti-static aluminum profile workbench