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Engineering Design and Price of Aluminum Profile

time:2021-12-31 10:29 author:Aluminum Profile click:

Aluminum profile engineering quotation
Aluminum profile mold design customization service and price

Aluminum profile metal products combine the international cutting-edge industrial aluminum profile design concept with the low-cost advantage of China's local aluminum profile and supporting connectors. Committed to providing high-quality industrial aluminum profiles and accessories for the field of industrial automation. Products and provide customers with one-stop value-added services such as aluminum profile design, precision machining, and assembly.

The mold cost of aluminum profile is judged according to the size of aluminum alloy profile. The diagonal of the profile and the length of the profile to be produced have a direct impact on the price of the mold. Compared with ordinary aluminum extrusion dies, rapid extrusion requires large diversion holes in the die to ensure sufficient material supply.

The upper mold is thin, that is, the feeding stroke is shortened; The working band of the mold is short, that is, the resistance between the aluminum and the mold is reduced; With the completion of the extrusion process, the temperature in the deformation zone increases, and the faster the extrusion speed, the higher the temperature in the deformation zone. Therefore, the mold should be equipped with a mold cooling system to ensure the stability of the extrusion mold temperature. Low temperature and high speed, realizing rapid extrusion, but also ensuring the life of the mold and the quality of the profile. In addition, the performance of the die material of the rapid extrusion profile is better.
Aluminum profile machining price

Aluminum profile assembly line protective fence

The assembly line protective fence is to set up protective measures outside the production assembly line. Partially or completely set up aluminum profile protective fences to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. In some areas, doors or passages will be set aside to facilitate the entry and exit of goods and personnel overhaul.

Features of aluminum alloy profile fence: This is an emerging category of wrought iron fences. It is made of all aluminum alloy, which can be disassembled and assembled without welding, and no screws can be seen on the surface. The connection is compact, and there is no loose or falling off. It is convenient to pack, transport and install. The fence is easy to process and the transportation cost is economical. Aluminum alloy materials can withstand greater tensile and impact forces, and at the same time have better flexibility. The surface is rich in hard aluminum oxide film, and the fence has strong corrosion resistance through surface treatment such as anodic oxidation.

Uses of aluminum alloy profile fence: The T5 heat treatment process greatly enhances the tensile and compressive performance of the fence. It is widely used in institutions, schools, parks, hospitals, airports, factories, apartments, stations and other places.