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Selection of Industrial Aluminum Profile

time:2022-01-05 11:19 author:Aluminum Profile click:

Since the birth of industrial aluminum profiles, it has rapidly promoted the process of technological modernization. In the industrial field, the complex structure is simplified, the disassembly and assembly are more convenient, and the appearance is more exquisite, which is loved by many industrial designers. A full set of universal industrial aluminum profile series developed by KANGDING aluminum profile, including European standard industrial aluminum profile and national standard aluminum profile, more than 1,000 aluminum profile models. Among them, the aluminum profile series can be divided into: 2020 series, 2525 series, 3030 series, 3535 series, 4040 series, 4545 series, 5050 series, 6060 series, 8080 series, 9090 series, 100100 series, and can also be customized according to needs. KANGDING aluminum profile not only has a complete variety, but also a complete and compatible connection accessories, and the length can be cut to length.
Selection of aluminum profile
1. Cutting without burrs
The surface undergoes matting treatment (E6) and pressure oxidation treatment,
The thickness of the treatment layer is as small as 10um, and the saw marks are almost free of burrs

2. High carrying capacity
Al+Mg+Si alloy extruded profile, high-strength concave
The T-slot structure improves the load-bearing capacity and structural stability

3. Scratch resistant and corrosion resistant
After silver oxide white (CO) anodized treatment,
The plating layer is above 12um, scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant

4. Easy to disassemble
Punch-free design, easy installation and removal with daily tools

Industrial aluminum profile 1515
Industrial aluminum profile 2020
Industrial aluminum profile 2525
Industrial aluminum profile 3030
Industrial aluminum profile 3535
Industrial aluminum profile 3838
Industrial aluminum profile 4040
Industrial aluminum profile 4545
Industrial aluminum profile 5050
Industrial aluminum profile 6060
Industrial aluminum profile 6262
Industrial aluminum profile 7575
Industrial aluminum profile 8080
Industrial aluminum profile 9090
Industrial aluminum profile 100100
Industrial aluminum profile 120120