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Application of friction welding heat sink on water cooled plate

time:2021-05-19 17:52 author:Heat sink design click:

Friction welding of water-cooled heat sink
The full name of friction welding is friction stir welding, which is a new type of welding process for metal profiles and is mostly used for welding of copper or aluminum. In the field of heat sinks, it has also been used in the production of large radiators in recent years. KangDing Thermal Energy is one of the companies that uses friction welding for the production of radiators. The manufacturing process of professional high-power radiator is relatively mature. Friction welding radiators can be used for heat dissipation of high-power machines such as photovoltaic inverters and wind energy converters.

In the early days, friction welding was only used for the welding of profile heat sinks, because the profile has a certain size limit, and high-power parts require large heat sinks to support heat dissipation, so welding has become an inevitable choice. KangDing Thermal has conducted in-depth research on the heat sink process, through the integration of process technology. In addition to the welding of profiled heat sinks, the friction welding process is also used in the splicing of shovel-tooth radiators. The high-efficiency heat dissipation performance of the heat sink with the heat sink of the shovel teeth is used for high-power heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation effect is more obvious, so it is widely used. In the field of new energy, the use of friction welding is also very common in photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters, electric vehicle controllers, etc.

When neither natural cooling nor air cooling can satisfy the heat dissipation of the equipment, water cooling has become the direction of choice. The original cost of water-cooled radiators is relatively high, and the process is more complicated, so the scope of using water-cooled radiators is not very wide. However, with the development of technology, especially the maturity of heat dissipation manufacturing technology, the cost of water-cooled radiator products has decreased. In addition, as the product design becomes more and more sophisticated, and the thermal design must also be coordinated, water cooling undoubtedly has an advantage in heat dissipation performance that other heat dissipation methods cannot match, so it is valued by thermal design engineers.

The thermal design and production of water-cooled plates are also commonly used in friction welding processes, and there are two main types. One is to open a water channel on the aluminum base plate, and then lay a layer of thin aluminum plate on the base plate. Then use the friction welding process to weld the thin aluminum plate to the substrate to form the water channel required for heat dissipation. Or use a process such as machining to process the substrate into a micro-channel water channel, and then add an aluminum plate on the substrate, and use friction welding for welding to seal the micro-channel. Another is that the lid of the aluminum water-cooled box is welded by friction welding to form a sealed water cooling water tank. The water-cooled plate manufactured by the friction welding process has lower cost and higher reliability.