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Maximum length of Skived Fin heat sink

time:2021-05-20 11:38 author:Heat sink design click:

The questions asked by customers are all about the heat sink production process and technology. So how much length can the Skived Fin heat sink reach?
The length of the Skived Fin heat sink can theoretically reach 3000mm. It depends on the size of the Skived Fin machine. There is no shovel-tooth heat sink of 3000mm. The longest shovel-tooth radiator produced by our company is 1500mm, which is used for the heat dissipation of large motors. The longer the length of the heat sink, the thicker the substrate requirement of the heat sink, otherwise it will be prone to deformation, of course, this is also affected by the material.

KangDing Thermal Energy has a number of large, medium and small shovel tooth machine tools, and the large shovel tooth technology is independently researched and developed. Through the transformation of the machine and the improvement of the process, the production of high-power Skived Fin heat sink is already a very proficient process. Every year tens of thousands of Skived Fin radiators are produced for various motors, large inverters, converters, etc. Has become a leading enterprise in the industry.

Large Skived Fin heat sink