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Production of Skived Fin Heat Sinks

time:2021-05-20 11:22 author:Heat sink design click:

Manufacturing of Skived Fin heat sink
Skived Fin type heat sink is a heat sink made by shovel tooth technology. The Skived Fin process is used to make heat sinks and is mostly used for heat dissipation of high-power parts. Because of its one-time molding, the heat dissipation performance of the profile is not lost, reaching 100% of the original heat dissipation performance of the profile. In addition, it also has the characteristics of large size and high power, so it is widely used in high-power motors. The high-power Skived Fin heat sink technology independently developed by our company is mostly used in large radiators such as photovoltaic inverters, wind power converters, electric vehicle controllers, and power battery packs.

The production of Skived Fin heat sink requires mature Skived Fin production technology and advanced large-scale Skived Fin machine tools. The technical cooperation of engineers is also needed. The specific production process is:
(1) Customize the suitable profile according to the design size, and then place the profile on the Skived Fin machine according to the correct operation method.
(2) Set the parameters of the Skived Fin machine tool, and enter the Skived Fin data that needs to be made, such as Fin pitch, Fin height, Fin thickness and other data.
(3) Start the Skived Fin machine tool, and the engineer monitors the machine tool, inspects the semi-finished product, and checks whether it meets the data requirements, and adjusts if there is an abnormality.
(4) Cut the semi-finished Skived Fin and cut it to the specified design size.
(5) Processing, deburring and tapping the cut semi-finished products.
(6) If there is a buried heat pipe design in the design drawing, open the back of the Skived Fin machine heat sink.
(7) Pack the finished Skived Fin heat sink to complete the entire production process.

Skived Fin heat sink will be more widely used. The Skived Fin process can also be made with other heat dissipation processes, such as the heat pipe process mentioned above, and can also be combined with water-cooling plate technology, micro-channel technology, and so on. According to the characteristics of different motors, different shapes and sizes of heat sinks are made. With different processes, the performance of the heat sink can be improved while reducing costs. Skived Fin does not require high profile materials, which can be aluminum or copper profiles.