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Is the price of the prototype of the heat sink high?

time:2021-05-20 12:07 author:Heat sink design click:

The high price of the heat sink prototype is due to:
(1) The number of prototypes of heat sinks is small, which is not as good as mass products, which can spread the cost equally, so the unit price is higher;
(2) The process and procedures of rapid prototyping of heat sinks are no less than those of mass products. The cost of equipment startup programming, debugging, etc. will be high, so the cost caused by a single prototype is high;
(3) Rapid prototyping cannot achieve production continuity, which causes waste of labor costs and increases costs.
(4) The logistics cost of the prototype sample of the heat sink is relatively high, which is incomparable with the logistics cost of mass production.

KangDing Thermal Energy is a professional radiator manufacturer. The cost of rapid prototyping of heat sinks is relatively low in the industry. After the rapid prototyping, the batch production order reaches the specified amount, and you can also apply for a refund of the sample cost. In many cases, free proofing is also provided. KangDing is well-known in the field of high-power heat dissipation by virtue of its excellent production and R&D capabilities. Attentive service is KangDing's service tenet. Welcome to inquire about heat dissipation related matters.

The price of the heat sink prototype