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High contact tube liquid cold plate

time:2021-05-17 15:31 author:Heat sink design click:

Hi-Contact technology optimizes the liquid tube in the contact area to have a tight cooling surface to provide the best liquid cold plate thermal performance. The patented geometries we use in these designs ensure that tube-to-board and tube-to-device contact is achieved as much as possible, thereby minimizing the small resistance of the interface between all contact surfaces. To further improve performance, hot epoxy is applied to the tube/plate joint to provide a gapless thermal interface between the tube and the cold plate.

  Hi-Contact liquid cold plates use copper or stainless steel pipes, which are mechanically connected to form aluminum plates. These cost-effective liquid cold plates are designed for low to medium power density applications.

The standard Hi-Contact tube liquid cold plate has a jointless continuous tube pressing function. Aluminum plates can be extruded in various tool paths with various performance levels.

The customized Hi-contact cold plate has a continuous tube or manifold style, which can increase the tube density in the liquid cold plate. The manifold is brazed into the tube and has been tested for 100% leak-free performance.

Check out the standard high contact liquid cold plates below, or contact our engineering team to customize the design for your application.

To help select standard liquid cold plates, please try our liquid cold plate selector tool

High-contact copper tube liquid cold plate