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MPE / aluminum flat tube water cooling plate

time:2021-05-17 15:46 author:Heat sink design click:

The flat-tube liquid-cooled plate using aluminum multi-port extrusion (MPE) tubing is a compact thermal management solution that provides extremely low thermal resistance. This type of extruded pipe has a thin outer wall, which can minimize the thermal resistance between the cold plate and the heat source mounting surface.

The MPE tube is equipped with internal fins that increase the surface area, improve thermal performance, and achieve excellent thermal uniformity when the coolant flows under the entire surface. The large internal surface area combined with the low pressure drop makes the cold plate ideal for use with viscous liquids with poor heat transfer such as EGW, oil, 3M Fluorinert, and poly alpha olefin (PAO).

MPE and flat tube liquid cooling plates are ideal for cooling small components with high thermal density such as thermoelectric modules. This type of cold plate is small in size and is very suitable for applications where space is limited but high cooling performance is required.

If you can help select standard liquid cold plates, please try our liquid cold plate selector tool

Water-cooling panels with different geometric structures can be customized, including inlet and outlet directions

The flat tube can be bent to fit the cold surface of the water-cooled plate

Use MPE flat tube liquid cooling plate with hoses, joints, ambient liquid cooling system or cooling device to create a complete liquid thermal management system

Use high-performance thermal interface material between the liquid cold plate and the thermal load to maintain low thermal resistance and heat dissipation performance

Aluminum flat tube liquid cold plate