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Anti-monitoring equipment suction and heat dissipation technology

time:2021-01-09 15:03 author:Heat sink design click:

Suction heat dissipation of security monitoring equipment
The suction heat dissipation technology is derived from the traditional heat dissipation technology based on conduction heat dissipation and convection heat dissipation. In the security field, for example, the Qiaoan Technology R&D team has made unremitting efforts to develop, and the suction heat dissipation technology is applied to the heat dissipation of security monitoring equipment to improve the working performance and stability of the equipment. The heat dissipated in this way depends on the temperature difference between the body temperature and the contacting object, the contact area, and the thermal conductivity of the body contacting the body to dissipate heat, combined with convection heat dissipation technology. The heat transferred out of the fuselage is exchanged through gas flow. The amount of heat dissipated by convection depends on the temperature difference between the body and the surrounding environment and the effective heat dissipation area of the body, which is greatly affected by wind speed. The higher the wind speed, the more heat dissipation;
On the contrary, the lower the wind speed, the less heat dissipation.

Generally, the heat sink should be coated with a layer of thermally conductive silicone grease on the contact surface of the electronic components and the heat sink during use, so that the heat emitted by the components can be more effectively transferred to the heat sink, and then radiated to the surrounding air through the heat sink. Qiaoan Technology has created a QA solution in the security field to change the part where the front cover of the fuselage and the light board are in close contact with copper blocks. The use of copper has the characteristics of fast heat absorption and strong thermal conductivity, quickly bringing a large amount of heat generated by the operation of the module to the nickel-plated copper block, and the copper block and the front cover aluminum block are closely integrated with the heat dissipation. A large amount of heat energy is quickly diffused to the aluminum alloy body and the combined light board is taken away by the flow of gas. The front cover opening technology provides an open space for the heat dissipation of the light board and the module to ensure that the equipment has enough space to achieve air convection, which effectively ensures that the camera works in a daily environment.