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KBPC1010 ASEMI chip comes with heat sink rectifier bridge

time:2021-01-28 11:49 author:Heat sink design click:

KBPC1010 rectifier bridge with heat sink
KBPC1010, as a special rectifier component for high-power power supplies, is used in various circuits. Therefore, ASEMI specifically develops and produces two types of rectifier bridge products with packaged heat dissipation characteristics, which not only meet the needs of many power supply manufacturers, but also provide key requirements for professional low-energy, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. Therefore, there is no doubt that KBPC1010 has become a sales ACE! Next, the ASEMI professional engineer will explain the difference between the two package characteristics of KBPC1010!
1. Introduction to the appearance and difference of the two packaging methods of KBPC1010

The KBPC1010 in a fully plastic package has an electrical parameter of 10A1000V and uses a large GPP chip imported from Taiwan. It can be seen from the appearance that all are wrapped with epoxy resin, and all that appears on the outside is black plastic, so it is called fully plastic KBPC1010

The appearance of KBPC1010 with aluminum bottom plastic case. The electrical parameters and built-in chip material of this product are the same as the all-plastic KBPC1010, but the difference is the ultra-thin aluminum heat sink, and the functional feature that the product design needs to highlight is the heat dissipation performance of KBPC1010.