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No heat sink design of power IC U6201

time:2021-01-28 15:13 author:Heat sink design click:

Constant current/constant voltage 65W power supply ic U6201 is suitable for chargers, adapters, small appliances, Internet of Things and building automation applications. This new IC series has very high constant current/constant voltage adjustment accuracy. It can provide 94% high efficiency performance under various input voltage and load conditions, thereby reducing power loss, and designing a compact 65W power supply without heat sink.
The 65W power supply IC U6201 is a high-performance current mode PWM controller suitable for offline flyback converter applications. The IC has built-in general primary side CC control, which simplifies the design of isolated power supplies and requires CC adjustment on the output. Its function:
1. The PWM switching frequency with shuffle is fixed at 65KHz and adjusted to a very narrow range.
2. The IC has built-in green and burst mode control, which can achieve light load and zero load, and can provide standby power of less than 75mW for applications below 65W.
3. Integrated under-voltage lockout (UVLO), VDD over-voltage protection (VDD OVP), cycle-by-cycle current limit (OCP), short-circuit protection (SLP), overload protection (OLP), on-chip functions and protection functions, thermal shutdown (OTP) ), soft start, VDD clamp, etc.
Features of 65W power IC U6201:
1. Support primary side constant current and secondary side constant voltage control of DCM and CCM
(1) SEL floating: secondary side constant voltage, output overload restart
(2) SEL connected to the capacitor: constant voltage on the secondary side and constant current on the primary side, output overload, current limiting and voltage reduction
2. 1% constant voltage accuracy, 4% constant current accuracy
3. Standby power consumption<70mW
4. Full load fixed 65KHz switching frequency, light load burst Mode
5. Green power saving mode work, optimized loop control
6. Ultra-low starting and working current
7. Integrated frequency jittering function to optimize EMI
8. Integrated line voltage and inductance constant current compensation technology
9. Package optional (SOT23-6)
No heat sink design for power supply
The 65W power IC does not require a heat sink, which greatly reduces the cost.