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Liquid cooling technology for heat dissipation

Reference products: Machining + welding micro-channel water cooling plate, Machining + welding water cooling plate (box), Brazing water-cooled plates, Micro channel + friction welding water cooling plate (model), Machining + vacuum brazing water cooling plate

Liquid cooling technology is a heat dissipation technology that uses the flow of liquid to quickly take away heat. Liquid cooling application refers to the use of liquid cooling plates (also called water cooling plates, liquid cooling fins) installed at the heat source, together with heat exchangers and heat exchange pumps, to dissipate heat in a way of circulating liquid. In general, liquid cooling technology is used in environments where forced convection or phase change systems cannot achieve heat dissipation and have extremely high thermal energy density.

KangDing Thermal Energy continues to increase its research and development in liquid cooling technology, especially in the production process of water cooling products. It has obtained multiple patents in the technical processes of automatic bending of copper pipes, extrusion dies, pressure pipes, and adhesion welding. It makes the welding of the water-cooled plate more stable, greatly reduces the water leakage and other undesirable phenomena of the water-cooled plate, and improves the reliability of the heat dissipation of the water-cooled plate. Through the technical treatment of the surface of the liquid cooling plate, a better contact with the heat source is achieved, and the heat dissipation efficiency is improved.

SVG water cooling design drawing

Selection of various water-cooled heat dissipation structure types:
Buried pipe water cooling plate + pipe joint
Water-cooled plate of extruded profile + welding
CNC processed water-cooled plate + welding
Die-cast water-cooled plate + welding
SVG water-cooled heat sink simulation design
SVG water cooling solution:
SVG customers provide drawings and requirements description:

Temperature loss in the cross section of the water-cooled plate
Technical Description:
(1) The heat dissipation power of the designed water-cooled heat sink is 920w×2=1840w;
(2) Pressure ≤7bar/30min, no leakage;
(3) Operating environment temperature: -45℃ to 45℃;
(4) Flow resistance of water-cooled plate: <50KPa, 11L/min. Bulk density: 50% water + 50% ethylene glycol solution;
(5) The inlet temperature is 60℃, the highest surface temperature is lower than 90℃, and the temperature difference is 3℃.

Schematic diagram of SVG water-cooled heat sink simulation design model and related parameters:
Thermal design parameters:
It adopts water cooling method and the material is AL6063-T6. Flow resistance of water cooling plate: <50KPa, 11L/min. Bulk density: 50% water + 50% ethylene glycol solution. The inlet temperature is 60℃, and there is no medium between the water cooling plate and the IGBT.

Schematic diagram of the simulation results of the mid-section temperature loss of the water-cooled plate:
The inlet water temperature is: 60℃;
The outlet water temperature is: 63.84 ℃;
Volume flow: 11L/min.
Flow trajectory of the section in the water-cooled plate
Schematic diagram of the simulation results of the mid-section velocity distribution of the water-cooled plate:
Schematic diagram of the simulation results of the mid-section flow trajectory of the water-cooled plate:

Schematic diagram of the simulation results of the pressure change of the middle section of the water-cooled plate:

The highest temperature is: 85.25℃;
Temperature difference of water-cooled plate: 83.22℃-82.39℃ = 0.83℃,
Less than 3°C, which is required by the tolerance, meets the design requirements.
Summary of simulation data for heat dissipation:
Cooling solution 50% water +50% ethylene glycol IGBT core temperature ℃
Maximum temperature of water cooling plate Volume flow Inlet temperature Pressure drop #1 #2 Temperature difference
Water cooling plate 85.25℃ 11L/min 60℃ 1402.8Pa 82.39 83.22 0.83