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Aluminum Heat Sink & Profile Manufacturing

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Aluminum and copper cold forging heat sink

Cold-forged aluminum heat sinks and cold-forged copper heat sinks are used in light source lamps, LEDs, high-voltage inverters, wind power converters, and motor controllers. Cold forged copper heat sink

Cold forging heat sink is a technical process for forming and forging aluminum and copper profiles below the recrystallization temperature (in general, normal temperature). Cold forging materials are mostly aluminum, copper and some alloys with low deformation resistance and good plasticity at room temperature. Cold forging can cause work hardening (strain hardening) of the profile during processing, which can increase the strength and hardness.
 The cold forging process is widely used by heat sink manufacturers in the production of light source heat sinks and LED heat sinks. KangDing Thermal Energy is an earlier manufacturer of radiators using cold forging, and has accumulated rich experience in cold forging processes. In addition to the production of general light source radiators, KangDing Thermal Energy already has the technology to manufacture high-power cold forging radiators. Solve the problems of poor thermal conductivity of die-casting microchannels and high cost of machine-added microchannels. Cold forging heat sinks have begun to be used in water-cooled plate solutions such as high-voltage inverters, wind power converters, and motor controllers.

metal Minimum recrystallization temperature / degrees Celsius
Copper (Cu) 200~270
Aluminum (Al) 100~150

The radiator adopts cold forging technology for integrated design and production, with low thermal resistance and good heat conduction effect, which effectively guarantees the timely export of heat and achieves the ultimate heat dissipation effect. In addition, the cold forging radiator has good mechanical properties, high productivity and high material utilization rate, and is particularly suitable for mass production, thereby reducing production costs.

Cold forged aluminum heat sink     Cold forged copper heat sink