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skiving fins manufacturer

time:2021-05-19 15:19 author:Heat sink design click:

Advantages of skiving fins aluminum heat sink
1. The heat sink and the heat dissipation substrate use a piece of profile, and there is no connection point, and the heat conduction efficiency can reach 100% of the profile material.
2. The skiving fins cutter can process the heat sink very thin (thinner than the cut profile heat sink) and improve the heat dissipation efficiency
3. The CNC machining process of the skiving fins of the heat sink is simple

Disadvantages of skiving fins aluminum radiator:
1. The shape of the skiving radiator is not as symmetrical and beautiful as CNC cutting or combined radiator
2. If the heat sink is shoveled very thinly, it will cause insufficient hardness and easy deformation.
3. The thermal conductivity is completely determined by the material of the heat sink. It is not possible to use materials with ultra-high thermal conductivity such as heat spreading plates and heat pipes like a combined radiator.

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