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Friction welding of Big power heat sink

time:2021-05-19 17:33 author:Heat sink design click:

Friction welding of high-power heat sink
The heat dissipation of high-power heat dissipation equipment is different from that of general thermal components, because high-power equipment generates a large amount of heat and requires a heat sink with a higher heat dissipation power for heat dissipation support. General heat sink profiles are cut and then simple post-processing can be carried out. For large heat sinks, general profile heat sinks cannot meet the size requirements. So it is the best choice to splice the heat sinks of two profiles. Among the many splicing and welding methods, the welding method of friction stir welding is an ideal one.

The heat sink spliced by friction stir welding is called friction welding heat sink. Wipe welding heat sink has many advantages, which can achieve the strength of the weld seam and the strength of the base material, as well as the equivalent heat dissipation performance. Therefore, it is widely used in high-power heat sinks.

How is the friction welding heat sink made? The following heat sink manufacturers will introduce the production process of friction welding heat sinks:
(1) Process aluminum profiles according to design drawings.
(2) According to the designed size, use a cutting machine to cut the heat sink profile.
(3) Fit the profiles of the two heat sinks to the friction welding machine tool, adjust the friction stir welding head, position and other parameters, and then perform the friction welding.
4) Perform CNC machining and tapping on the welded heat sink semi-finished products.
(5) Then there are post-processing, cleaning, grinding or polishing, etc.

The above is the basic manufacturing process of friction stir welding heat sink. The process description of other details belongs to the core of the process, and it is not convenient to make too many descriptions. If there is a demand for friction welding heat sink production, you can personally go to the KangDing thermal heat sink production base for on-site inspections.