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Custom-made Wave heat sink with skiving fins

time:2021-05-20 10:25 author:Heat sink design click:

Wave heat sink
Customized aluminum and copper corrugated heat sink
The skiving fins of the heat sink are the cnc skiving technology. The aluminum and copper profiles are processed into specific wave-shaped heat sinks with a spade-tooth machine. The finished product is the skiving radiator.

The shovel-tooth radiator is machined by long strip profile (aluminum, copper). Cut the material into slices straight at a certain angle, and repeat the cutting to form a uniformly ordered gap structure. It is used to solve the heat dissipation of high-power devices under air-cooled heat dissipation conditions, and the heat dissipation efficiency can be increased by 8-15% compared with the insert heat sink.
Aluminum spade fins/radiators are widely used with large-scale applications due to their superior performance. The technology and technology of the skiving radiator are more mature, the degree of automation is gradually improved, and the cost and reliability advantages are obvious. It has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers such as 5G communications, UPS, base stations, charging piles, inverters, controllers, wind power converters, SVG, LED lights, etc.

The shovel-tooth corrugated radiator has the following advantages:
(1) The shovel-tooth heat sink is a single piece of profile without any connection points, which can give full play to the heat dissipation characteristics of the profile.
(2) The skiving fins process can process the skiving fins of the heat sink to be thinner/higher in density, and the heat dissipation efficiency is higher.
(3) The processing technology is simpler than other water-cooled liquid-cooled radiators, the weight is also lighter, and the cost is lower.
(4) Compared with aluminum extrusion and other processes, the size and other restrictions are less, and it can be made wider and can be used for heat dissipation of higher-power machines.