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Characteristics of copper and aluminum skiing fins

time:2021-05-19 17:16 author:Heat sink design click:

Features of skiving fins
There are many kinds of radiator manufacturing processes, which are designed according to different powers.
The process of heat sink production will also be different. Specifically, the production process of the radiator includes fin, profile, skiing fins, stacking, cold forging, inserting and so on. For high-power heat sinks, the production technology of skiing fins heat sinks has developed rapidly in recent years, and even replaced the insert heat sink technology in a certain field. So what are the benefits of skiing fins radiator technology?

The benefits of using the skiving fins process to produce heat sinks are as follows:
   (1) The skiing fins heat sink has a higher heat sink density, increases the heat dissipation area, and improves the heat dissipation performance;
   (2) The height of the gears of skiing fins can reach 120mm, which fully meets most of the production requirements of heat sinks;
   (3) The gears of the skiing fins heat sink can be made thinner, generally 1.5mm or even 1.0mm, which can make the heat sink lighter;
   (4) The skiving fins heat sink is cut on the prototype material, so the heat dissipation efficiency is not compromised, reaching 100% of the prototype material's heat dissipation efficiency, and there will be no risk of loosening and falling, improving the reliability of the machine's operation;
  (5) Skiing fins has high compatibility and high possibility of post-processing. It can also cooperate with buried copper pipes and other processes to improve the heat dissipation performance;
   (6) The skiing fins have high production capacity, and the processing cost is easier to control, which is suitable for mass production.

The high-power skiing fins heat sink process independently developed by KangDing Thermal Energy. The products are used in photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters, and heat dissipation of power battery packs for new energy vehicles.