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engine lathe parts_high pressure valve accessories processingأجزاء مخرطة

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Product Introduction:engine lathe parts
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engine lathe parts_high pressure valve accessories processing

     The Company to undertake CNC lathes and CNC punch external processing.Quality assurance, high precision,CNC lathe hole can be controlled at 0.01mm,Surface finish steel can be controlled at 0.8, aluminum pieces can be controlled at 0.4. Stamping parts tolerance can be controlled at 0.015mm,Machinable special non-burr-pieces.The price is reasonable, prompt delivery, high efficiency,CNC lathe operators are in more than five years of work experience,In ensuring the quality of the premise of shortening the duration,And processing of expedited orders.Wholeheartedly look forward to working with you!
       All the German plant to introduce advanced lathe equipment,There are CNC lathes,Instrument lathe,Automatic lathe, precision drilling machine, milling machine, thread rolling machine and other professional processing of copper / aluminum / stainless steel / low carbon fast cutting just / nylon and other materials of precision metal parts.Widely used in chassis cabinets, electronic communications, machinery and equipment,Automobile and motorcycle electric car parts, instruments and other industries. Products are riveted nut (S / CLS),Press stud (SO / BSO),Set the nut (F), riveted screws (FH),Floating nut (AS), self-locking nut (LK),Up rivet nut (KS), squeeze nut (BN),Spring screws (PF),Positioning support (KSSB),Locating Pins (TPS),Plastic mosaic Tonggong mother,Instrumentation copper gong copper connector.
Precision metal parts processing process a few steps?
After the customer confirms the machining order,I ordered the Secretary immediately sent to the list of materials suppliers,Or to the material library to see if there is inventory material?With or without response to the procurement, this is the first step.
The second step: the engineering staff of the metal parts of the drawings indicate the processing technology.
The third step: the material is ready,First rough shape,Such as drawings on the process have special requirements as the next step to finish or heat treatment after grinding,Need to leave machining allowance.
The fourth step: the completion of precision machining or heat treatment to complete the grinding parts.
The fifth step: the drawings on the processing technology is complete, and directly to the QA QC.
Step 6: AQ quality inspection of the parts after the completion of packaging,
Number of sticker sheets and date.Such as the drawings to be sandblasting process, made black, such as surface treatment of oxidation

The seventh step, again after processing quality control,No problem The final packaging,Number of sticker paper and production date.
These are non-standard parts processing process,General hardware, precision machinery parts processing also requires the same processing.In case of customer delivery more urgent,We will give priority to deal with!For the new and old customers excellent service, fine quality, which is Kangding precision hardware never the purpose!

Material: stainless steel / brass / copper / steel / aluminum / according to your request
Finish: Nickel / Tin / Silver / upon request
Size: as shown / according to customer drawings
Production process: cutting, drilling, turning, milling, tapping and so on
Country of Origin: Dongguan, China
Packing: plastic bags, cardboard boxes, wooden boxes
Packing size: carton (18 * 28 * 19.5), according to the specific number of custom wooden box specifications
Transportation: Express / logistics and so on
Standard: ROHS, ISO9001
Specifications: According to your drawings, to help you professional custom.
Product performance: The use of high-quality materials,After advanced manufacturing processes,So that the inherent quality of products and external personality design closely,The greatest extent to meet your needs!
Uses: for meters, cables, electronics, electrical and other fields

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machining small metal parts shop
machining small metal parts shop
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CNC lathe processing_Cylindrical Centerless gr
CNC lathe processing_Cylindrical Centerless gr
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3 in 1 lathe process_lathe machine shop
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