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Types, Performance Characteristics and Attention of the Gantry Milling Machine

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The gantry milling machine is a mechanical device that can process flat and beveled large workpieces. Applicable to mass production, also referred to as gantry milling, it has a gantry frame and a horizontal long bed, high processing precision, and high production efficiency. Among them, in the CNC gantry milling machine, it is also possible to process some special parts for space or surface, which is quite a lot of applications.

1. The difference between gantry milling machine and planer
The shape of the portal milling machine is similar to that of a planer. The difference is that the beam and the column are not equipped with a planer holder but a milling cutter with a spindle box. And the reciprocating motion of the longitudinal table of the gantry milling machine is not the main motion, but the feed motion, and the rotary motion of the milling cutter is the main motion.

2. Type of portal milling machine
According to whether the gantry is moving, it is divided into gantry fixed table mobile type and gantry mobile type (also called bridge type). The bridge type gantry milling is characterized by small floor space, large carrying capacity, and the gantry travel can reach 20 meters, which is convenient for processing special or extra-heavy workpieces;
According to whether the beam moves on the column, it is divided into two types: dynamic beam type and fixed beam type;
In the overhead beam milling body movement is called an overhead.

3. Performance characteristics
(1) The gantry milling machine has sufficient rigidity, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple structure and comprehensive performance. The specific features are as follows:
(2) The vertical milling head is equipped with TX400 heavy-duty gantry milling head, double rectangular guide rail, and strong rigidity.
(3) Ball head mounted ball screw, pneumatic broach device, servo motor drive.

(4) The side milling head is equipped with a V5 gantry milling head with an independent lubrication device. The lifting is driven by an ordinary reducer and frequency control.
(5) Universal milling/CNC milling one-button conversion three-axis CNC system. That is to say, the programmable operation can be manually operated by using the expansion panel, and the realization is extremely strong in the actual machining process.
(6) The bed is advanced and retracted, the beam is up and down, and the vertical milling head is equipped with a Taiwan ball screw, which is driven by a servo motor.
(7) Hand-held electronic handwheel unit for easy three-axis tool setting.
(8) Unique beam lifting safety interlocking device to ensure the repeatability of the machine tool.
(9) The station standard cycloidal pump unit is continuously lubricated with low failure rate.

4. Safety procedures for gantry milling machines
1) Work objects should be clamped with pressure plates, screws or special tools. Do not use a normal wrench to add casing to avoid slipping and hurting people.
(2) The tool must be clamped, otherwise it is not allowed to drive.
(3) Before the work, check the operation of the transmission part of the machine tool and install the baffle of the machine tool to operate.
(4) When cutting various workpieces, especially during roughing, slow cutting should be started.
(5) When moving the table and the tool holder, loosen the fixing screws first.
(6) When loading and unloading tools, use a copper hammer or a raft to lightly prevent the pieces from flying out of the wound.
(7) During cutting, it is not allowed to shift and adjust the tool. It is forbidden to touch or measure the workpiece by hand.

Kangding introduces 6m high configuration CNC gantry milling machine for heavy cutting
Kangding introduces 6m high configuration CNC gantry milling machine for heavy cutting

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