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Precautions for installation and commissioning of CNC machine tool parts

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Precautions for installation and commissioning of CNC machine tool spindle bearings
(1) Installation and commissioning of single bearing of CNC machine tool
When assembling, make the eccentricity of the spindle positioning inner hole and the spindle shaft diameter as close as possible and the eccentric amount of the bearing inner ring and the raceway as close as possible, so that the eccentric amount after assembly can be reduced.
(2) Installation and commissioning of two bearings of CNC machine tools
When the two bearing spindle bearings are installed, the eccentricity of the front and rear support bearings should be the same, and the eccentricity should be appropriately selected. The accuracy of the front bearing should be one level higher than the accuracy of the rear bearing to minimize the amount of eccentricity of the front end positioning surface of the assembled spindle component. When the machine tool is disassembled to disassemble the spindle bearing, the original manufacturer has adjusted the eccentric position of the bearing, so make the circumferential position mark before disassembly. It is guaranteed that the original relative position of the bearing and the spindle will not change after reassembly, reducing the influence on the spindle components.

It requires the use of hot loading or cold loading process for installing an interference fit when the bearing assembly. Do not knock smashing brute force, so as not to damage the bearings during the installation process, affecting machine performance.

2. Precautions for installation and commissioning of ball screw nut pair
The ball screw nut pair is only used to withstand axial loads. Radial forces and bending moments can cause undesirable load on the ball screw pair to cause additional surface contact stress, which may cause permanent damage to the lead screw. Therefore, when installing the ball screw nut pair to the machine, you should pay attention to:
(1) The ball nut should move within the effective stroke. The limit must be set at both ends of the stroke to prevent the nut from going off the screw shaft and causing the ball to fall off.
(2) Due to the high efficiency of the ball screw nut, it cannot be self-locking and is used for vertical direction transmission. If the weight of the component is not balanced, it is necessary to prevent the reverse drive caused by the component's own weight after the drive is stopped or the motor is de-energized, and the reverse drive method is available: Worm gear drive, electric brake, etc.
(3) The axis of the screw must be parallel to the axis of the matching rail. The center of the bearing housing at both ends of the machine and the center of the nut seat must be lined up at three points.
(4) When the ball screw nut pair is attached to the machine, do not remove the nut from the screw shaft. If it is necessary to remove it, use the auxiliary sleeve, otherwise the balls may fall off during loading and unloading.
(5) When the nut is installed in the nut seat mounting hole, avoid impact and eccentricity.
(6) In order to prevent the entry of chips, the ball screw nut pair may be worn, and a protective device such as a wrinkle protection cover, a spiral steel belt protection sleeve, etc. may be added to completely protect the screw shaft. In addition, dust can be added to both ends of the screw nut when there is a lot of floating dust.

3, linear rolling guide installation and debugging precautions
(1) Handle gently during installation to avoid the impact of the straight line on the guide rail.

(2) It is not allowed to detach the slider from the guide rail or push it back beyond the stroke. If it is difficult to install, you need to use the guide rail when you need to remove the slider.
(3) When the linear rolling guides are used in pairs, the main and auxiliary rail pairs are divided, and the main rail pair is first installed. Set the reference side of the guide rail to closely match the reference side of the mounting step, tighten the mounting bolts, and then align the sub-rail pair with the main guide pair as the reference. Finding refers to the parallelism and flatness of the two guide rail pairs. Finally, tighten the fastening bolts of the slider in turn.
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