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High-speed high-precision boring hole method

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In order to achieve high speed and high precision of boring, it is necessary to pay attention to the influence of tooth vibration on the surface roughness and tool life. In order to prevent machining accuracy and tool life from falling, the selected machining center must be equipped with a spindle with excellent dynamic balance. The selected boring tool must also have a high dynamic balance. In particular, the geometry of the boring tool should be selected for the geometry of high-speed cutting, tool materials and the way of loading. R at the end of the cutting edge should be large to facilitate processing efficiency; Under the premise of ensuring the same machined surface roughness, the feed rate should be increased. However, increasing the feed rate should be adequate, otherwise it will increase the cutting resistance, which is not conducive to improving the processing efficiency. The cutting edge belt should be set with a negative chamfer of 0.1mm or less, which can effectively maintain the stability of the tool life.

In addition to precision machining of the hole by CNC cutting method, the hole can be processed with high precision by boring and reaming. With the high speed of the machining center spindle, the boring tool can be used to perform high-speed precision machining of the hole. According to reports, the cutting speed can be increased to more than 1500 m/min when φ40 mm boring is performed on the aluminum alloy material. Such a cutting speed can also be employed when machining steel, cast iron, and high hardness steel using a CBN sintered body as a cutting edge. It is expected that the speed of boring and processing will be popularized in the future.

As for the tool material, it varies depending on the nature of the material being processed. For materials such as steel below 40HRC, cermet cutters are available. This tool can achieve good machined surface roughness and long tool life under high-speed cutting conditions of v=300m/min. Coated cemented carbide tools are suitable for high-speed cutting of steels up to 60HRC, and the tool life is very stable, but the cutting speed is slightly lower than that of cermet tools.

The sintered body tool is suitable for processing high hardness steel, cast iron and other materials, the cutting speed can reach more than 1000m/min, and the tool life is very stable. The edge portion of the CBN cutter should be properly chamfered, which is extremely advantageous for stable high speed cutting and extended tool life. In the case of ultra-high-speed cutting of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials such as aluminum alloys, diamond sintered body tools are available, which are stable in cutting and long in tool life. It should be noted that when using a diamond tool, the blade edge must be chamfered, which is an important condition for ensuring the stability of the cutting.
high-precision boring hole

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