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How to solve the problem of the tap and drill bit broken in the work piece?

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How to solve the problem of the tap and drill bit broken in the work piece?

1, pour some oil, with a sharp hairpin or cut out in the face of slowly reverse fault, from time to time to pour iron cut (the most commonly used method in the workshop, but to tap the thread hole aperture is too small or broken too long may be inappropriate, but can try);

2, with special tools: a broken tap extractor, the principle is the workpiece and the taps are respectively connected with the positive and negative electrodes, middle filling electrolyte, causes the workpiece to tap discharge corrosion, and then the auxiliary clamp and remove small holes for damage

In 3, fracture section welding a tap handle or six nut, and then gently flip out (which is a good method, but welding some trouble, or the same words, to tap the smaller diameter is inappropriate);

4, take the steel roller top slowly with a small hammer knock in tap tap more brittle cracks, finally knocked into slag, or more simply, directly to the threaded hole broken tap drill rotten rotten live boring, reaming tapping method (to some savage, if the diameter of tap is too small and not so, the diameter is too large, knock it is also quite tiring);

5, the threaded hole broken tap drill, and then set a set of spiral steel wire or pin what, then welding, grinding, drilling and tapping again, can do basically the same (although this method of trouble, but very practical, tap size doesn't matter);

6, the thread of Kong Hanping, where the broken tap then removed, re drilling, although it is very difficult but slowly (if you can dig into the threaded hole can change the position, when re drilling and tapping advice or change to the original thread hole side);

7, the electric pulse, electric spark or wire cutting can hurt with steel screw holes can be reaming (this method is more simple and convenient, the coaxial do not consider temporarily, unless you the thread hole coaxiality directly affects the quality of the equipment);

8, in the broken tap section of the chisel a word slot, with a screwdriver to reverse the screw (that word slot is difficult to chisel out, if the diameter of the tap is small, then it is even more difficult).

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