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What are the metal processing technology?

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  Metal processing can also be called metal processing.Turning milling,Modern processing increased discharge processing.Another,Die-casting、Forging is also a common means of processing.If only the sheet metal,So commonly used is milling,Grinding,Wire cutting(discharge)Heat treatment.

  Metal processing can be divided into:Automatic lathe machining,CNC lathe machining,Five axis lathe,Can be roughly divided into:Metal surface processing,Metal forming process.

  First, the surface of the metal processing can be divided into:Metal spray processing,Electroplate、Surface polishing,Metal corrosion processing, etc..

1, paint processing: the current hardware factory in the production of large pieces of metal finished products are used in the painting process, through the spray painting to make the hardware to avoid rust, such as: daily necessities, electrical appliances, handicrafts, etc..
2, electroplating and a processing technology: the most common is for electroplating metal processing, through modern technology of electroplating hardware, ensure the products used for a long time not mildew rust, electroplating processing are common: screws, stamping parts, battery, car parts, small accessories etc..

3, surface polishing, surface polishing processing in general commodity is relatively long, the hardware product surface burr processing, will be thrown into a smooth sharp edge part of the face, so that the use of the process will not harm the human body.

  Two, hardware processing mainly includes: Die Casting (die casting and cold and hot), stamping, casting, investment casting process.

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