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What are the main causes of errors in precision machining?

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What are the main causes of errors in precision machining?
  The main reasons for the failure of hardware parts can be divided into the following points:

  1, design reasons:First, due to the design of the structure and shape of unreasonable parts failure,For example, there is obvious stress concentration in the high stress area of the parts(all corners,Gap,Too small transition fillet, etc.;)Two is the part of the working conditions of the estimation error,Such as the possibility of overloading the work is estimated,The design of the parts of the carrying capacity is not enough.

  2, material reasons:Improper selection is the main cause of material failure.The most common is that designers make decisions based solely on the material's performance,These indicators can not reflect the type of failure of the material by force;Material defects,Shrinkage hole,Loose、Stomata,Inclusion,Microcrack, etc.Failure of parts.

  3, processing reasons:Due to poor control of processing technology will lead to various defects caused by failure.Such as improper heat treatment process control lead to overheating,Decarburization,Insufficient tempering;Poor banded structure,Overheating or over burning;Cold processing technology is too low due to low finish,Cut too deep,Grinding cracks can lead to the failure of parts.Some parts of the hardware processing defects caused by the design and spare parts have a great relationship,Some defects such as heat treatment.The appearance and structure design of parts will cause the defects of heat treatment(e.g. deformation, cracking).To avoid or reduce the occurrence or cracking of parts during quenching,Attention should be paid to the design of parts:Cross section of uneven thickness,Otherwise easy to avoid cracks in the thin place;Structural symmetry,As far as possible the use of closed structure to avoid large deformation;Uniform transition,Stress concentration prevention.

  4, installation and use:And when the failure parts are installed,With the tight,Too loose,Medium to bad,Not tight and so on,Or improper operation can cause failure in the process of use.


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