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How to improve the quality of CNC lathe machining?

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How to improve the quality of CNC lathe machining?

  Taking full account of the technological factors of CNC lathe

  1.The importance of tool geometry parameters and material selection

  In the CNC lathe processing,The geometric parameters of the cutter and the selection of the cutting tool material are very important.Due to the influence of the geometric parameters of the cutting tool,Such as:The main angle tool,The tip radius and the tip and parts of the deviation,The radial and axial dimensions of the machined parts are in error.Secondly,On the surface of cylindrical parts,For the main angle of tool nose radius and tool factors,Therefore, the axial dimension of the machined parts has changed greatly,And in the process of processing,The axial size variation and tip radius is proportional to size,The size is inversely proportional to the main angle.

  2.The importance of manufacturability analysis and processing

  The analysis and treatment of process factors is the basic work of NC machining parts in the early stage,To improve the production efficiency and processing quality.If the process factors are not fully taken into account,Technical analysis is not comprehensive enough,Process is not appropriate,Will lead to NC machining error,Greatly reduce the efficiency of processing.Therefore,CNC machining personnel should take full account of the CNC lathe work factors,Do the process analysis and processing,To develop a high quality and reasonable CNC lathe processing program,Determine the processing route,In order to further improve the processing technology,And in the part of the difficulty of processing to give timely solution,So as to improve the quality of CNC lathe processing lay a solid foundation.

  3.Reasonable cutting parameters and cutting fluid

  The criteria for selecting cutting parameters are:Rough car should first select the maximum cutting depth,Second, choose a relatively large amount of feed,Finally, the cutting speed is determined according to the selected data;And when the car,You should choose a relatively small depth of cut and feed,According to the parameters of the tool as far as possible to improve the speed of cutting,To ensure the machining quality of NC lathe,And improve its productivity and efficiency.The role of cutting fluid is lubrication and cooling,The most commonly used in turning is a cutting fluid for the emulsion,In the numerical control lathe processing,You can choose oil No. 10 or No. 20 as cutting fluid.A sufficient amount of cutting fluid to cool completely and carbide tools,For this kind of turning steel moulding material,Coolant should be added.Besides,Brass,Bronze and cast iron and other brittle materials generally do not add cutting fluid,Because it is easy to cause plate motion of the machine blocking situation.


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