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How to improve the precision of CNC tools?

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How to improve the precision of CNC tools?

  Selection of raw materials from CNC cutting tools,Pretreatment and grinding of the main parameters of the cutter,Heat treatment and cutting edge details,Selection of tool coating,Processing before and after coating,How to detect and pack transport, etc.,Need to pay attention to every detail.How to improve the precision of NC tools,Details determine success or failure.Need to pay attention to every detail of the tool manufacturing,Also plays a decisive role in the success or failure of tool manufacturing quality.Not many users will not care about the quality of the cutting tool.

  The influence of the precision of the machine tool on the precision of the cutting tool,The precision of the machine tool is the key to the precision of the cutting tool,Slender rod type cutter is no exception.Australia ANCA NC machine tools produced a total of five axes grinder,That is, x, y, Z three axes and a, C, the two axis of rotation axis P).The accuracy of each axis is very high,X, y, Z three axis positioning accuracy of up to 0.001mm,A, C two axis positioning accuracy can reach 0.001 degrees.The two grinding wheels of the machine tool are arranged in the longitudinal direction,When processing different parts of the tool,Not only can choose different grinding wheel,Different grinding wheel shafts can be selected.Need to change the grinding wheel shaft,Can be automatically replaced by program control,Two high repeat precision,It can satisfy the precision requirement of machining the slender rod type cutter.

  All parameters of the tool are determined by the relative motion of the grinding wheel and the cutting tool,Therefore,Wheel diameter,The grinding wheel directly participates in the cutting angle,Flange length of grinding wheel shaft,The wear of the wheel and the size of the grinding wheel affect the precision of the cutter.

  The improvement of the precision of slender rod,Has always been the difficulty in the manufacture of cutting tools,The main reason is that the effective part of the tool is longer,The cutting edge of the cutter is far away from the clamping part.Because the blade is too long from the clamping part,With the tool clamping chuck has a clamping precision in grinding before the start,The cutter blade edge of the radial runout is likely to have reached 0.005mm ~ 0.01mm using strong grinding process,Grinding force,The elastic deformation of the tool is large,Many problems arise in the process,Such as the cutter groove asymmetry,Tool dimension,Blade parameters,Shape error does not meet the requirements,Serious and even cause the tool to be broken.


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