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What are the important points of high precision CNC lathe operation?

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What are the important points of high precision CNC lathe operation?
  Today more and more CNC lathe manufacturers,In the use of numerical control lathe with other machines can not meet the processing technology,Living in the high difficulty of complex parts is also unambiguous,CNC lathe programming must pay attention to the cutting amount of each process,So what are the key points of CNC lathe operation?
  As a skilled operator,Must understand machining parts,Process requirements,Characteristics of machine tools,We can control the machine to finish the task.Therefore,Finishing reference several high-precision CNC lathe operation points:

  1, in order to simplify positioning and processing,Relative positioning center of each positioning fixture,There should be an accurate coordinate dimension.

  2, in order to ensure that the selected parts of the installation position and the workpiece coordinate system coordinates with the machine tool coordinate,Orientation device.

  3, high-precision CNC lathe can be removed in a short time,Enter a new workpiece fixture.Because the auxiliary time of machining center is compressed very short,The loading and unloading of the supporting fixture does not take up too much time.

  4, the fixture should have as few components and high stiffness.

  5, high-precision CNC lathe fixture will try to open,Clamping elements can be low in space position,The fixture can not interfere with the tool path.

  6, to ensure that the principal axis of the workpiece processing.

  7, and interactive platform,Movement of machining center,Workbench support,Lower bracket and rotary motion,Fixture design to prevent fixture and machine tool space interference.

  8, high precision CNC lathe as soon as possible to complete the processing of all the contents of a folder.When replacing the clamping point,Special attention should be paid not to damage the positioning accuracy to replace the clamping point,In this process,Documents,When necessary.

  9, high precision CNC lathe fixture contact table bottom,The bottom flat fixture must be guaranteed at 0.01 degrees,The surface roughness is not more than ra3.2um.

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