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Definition and Processing Technology of Stainless Steel Products

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Commonly used stainless steel products processing technology: The surface, shape and properties obtained by post-processing in the original form of stainless steel are suitable for industrial stainless steel parts. Such as: commonly used processing of flat, slicing. Then to surface treatment, wire drawing, sandblasting, grinding, mirror, plating, film sticking. Further in-depth processing includes: laser, shears, bending, grooving, stamping, welding, grinding and so on.

1. Introduction of original surface and shape of stainless steel:
Stainless steel coil (from large steel mills are generally coil shape), stainless steel coil is divided into cold-rolled and hot-rolled two kinds of surface, cold-rolled stainless steel is generally less than 3 mm thick, also known as thin plate; Hot-rolled sheets generally have a thickness of 3mm-75mm and are divided into medium-thick plates according to different thicknesses;
Stainless steel cold rolling: The steel plate is a stainless steel plate produced by cold rolling process. The thin plate with a thickness of 0.1mm-3mm is used. (We can make 8mm cold rolled plate) for making corrosion-resistant parts, petroleum, chemical pipelines, containers, medical equipment, Ship equipment, etc.

Stainless steel hot-rolled plate: hot-rolled plate, also known as NO.1, and industrial surface.
Original surface: Surface of the heat treatment and pickling treatment after hot rolling of NO.1.
Generally used for cold-rolled materials, industrial tanks, chemical industrial equipment, etc., thicker by 3.0MM-75.0MM
Stainless steel coil

Stainless steel coil slitting: On the basis of large stainless steel coils, they are divided into small coils, which are generally used in pipe production, or stamping products, gaskets, parts, etc.
Stainless Steel Coil Slitting

Stainless steel plate: The large steel coils flatten out the corresponding demand size, and the general market is: 1000*2000 1220*2440 1220*3050 1500*3050 1500*6000 and other length and width dimensions, In addition, depending on the demand, it is also possible to flatten the length and size.
Stainless steel plate

Stainless steel surface treatment:
The application of stainless steel materials is more and more extensive, and the requirements for the appearance surface are getting higher and higher, and the style is also more and more.
For example, some decorative engineering projects are particularly demanding on the surface.
Surface treatment includes wire drawing, grinding, sandblasting, scratch, etching, embossing, mirror, plating, no fingerprint and so on. (Generally, the surface treated stainless steel material will be attached with protective film).
Brushed stainless steel

Finishing of stainless steel products, product processing includes: Laser, bending, welding, planing, grinding, polishing, and multi-machining process to obtain the final shape of stainless steel products.
The processing of common stainless steel products on the market is designed according to the customer's needs, or according to the sample or drawing requirements provided by the user.
Stainless steel laser processing

Stainless steel machined parts
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