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Why do electric scooters fire?

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Why do electric scooters fire?

1 portable. Most electric scooter weighs only about 15 kilograms, than ordinary electric bicycle and bicycle to light; in addition, no car wheel electric scooter large beam, fold it up will only occupy a small space, carry to the crowded bus subway will not move.

2 strong endurance. Electric scooter is the largest component of the battery, the overall weight is lighter, the battery is greater, the unit weight endurance ability.

3 moderate speed. Usually can reach more than 15 kilometers per hour, although there is no electric car fast, but with the speed of the bike is basically the same.

4 can be driven by manpower. When you have no electricity, you can use your legs and feet, and have more advantages than those who don't have a pedal.

5 fashion + meng. Children's toys now become the uncle of the means of transport, cutting-edge, fashion enough, enough meng.

Electric scooters are easier to learn and control than bikes

1 easy to learn and easy to operate. Remember when you learn to ride a bicycle in the school playground spent many days, learn to later fell countless falls are proficient. Electric scooters will not be so complex, in most cases, that is, learning will be.

2 flexible and secure. The biggest advantage is the low center of gravity, compact body in the crowd shuttle also quite flexible. Flexible + reliable, electric scooters are well deserved.

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