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Battery capacity and endurance

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Battery capacity and endurance

Electric scooter battery capacity is enough?

1 battery capacity. Battery life, the higher the price will naturally be higher. Suggest that you use the usual traffic routes to determine the capacity of electric scooters, it is best to ensure that a return to a two way enough.

2 voltage. The higher the output voltage, the higher the output voltage, the more accurate the battery capacity should be".

3 battery type. Theoretically speaking, better than ordinary lithium polymer battery, lithium battery is better than the ordinary.

4 charging time. Charging time and battery capacity of about 36V, and about 10A of ordinary lithium full time should not exceed 5 hours.

We look at a group of 5 examples of data: in the high-end electric scooter a weight of 16 kg, 36V, 18.4A cell theory of endurance of about 45 km, 36V, 15.4A cell theory of endurance of about 35 km, 36V, 10.4A cell theory endurance is about 25 kilometers.

Wheel diameter and width

1 wheel diameter is more energy saving. Large diameter wheels in terms of portability is poor, but due to the better, in theory, will be more power than the car wheel.

2 the narrower the wheel, the more power saving. The narrower the wheel, the smaller the resistance, energy consumption will be lower, but may be poor performance in terms of control, acceleration and braking distance will be affected, in the time of purchase, please consider.

3 comfort and energy consumption. See some of the more high-end electric scooter will be equipped with damping system, good comfort, can absorb vibration energy in the process of running, although the car comfort is of great help, but the overall energy consumption will increase slightly.


1 road roughness. The more smooth the road, the more power the car, the car's life will be more close to the theoretical value.

2 Road grade. The higher the downhill, the higher the energy consumption of the car.

3 traffic flow and traffic lights. The greater the traffic flow, the higher the traffic lights, the higher the energy consumption.

Use habit

1 acceleration should not be too fierce. Like cars, frequent acceleration will not only lead to higher equipment losses, but also seriously affect battery life.

2 brake frequency. The higher the brake frequency, the higher the energy consumption.

3 the most economical speed. Due to the power of the battery and the power of the motor, each electric car has a best speed, the speed range of the electric car will be more economical and practical.

Can only be used for battery driven?

Most electric scooter can be like an ordinary scooter with feet that slide, more useful when the battery is depleted or want to exercise; there are also many seats, or incidental in the design of a special car did not like ordinary human powered scooter, when the purchase needs a comprehensive consideration.


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