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Is an electric scooter safe?

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Is an electric scooter safe?

1 electric scooter safer than bicycle. The center of gravity is lower, the brake is more flexible, to some extent, the electric scooter is safer than the bicycle.

2 electric scooter safer than electric cars. Electric bicycle speed, high center of gravity, more prone to accidents in the process of moving; and the electric scooter speed is relatively slow, the focus should be much lower, the whole electric scooter to some more secure than electric bicycle.

3 speed control is the key, the average speed of adults walk about 5 kilometers, with an average speed of 15 kilometers to ride a bicycle, electric bicycle speed up to 40 km, the design speed of electric scooter is generally not more than 20 kilometers. From the highest speed, the electric scooter is still robust. In addition, no matter what kind of transport, the most important security secret is a slow word. Electric scooter safety is not safe, speed control is the key.

Advantages of using electric scooters

Skateboarding originated in the United States in the early 60s of the last century, evolved from the surf of the sea. Relative to the geographical and climatic constraints of surfing, skateboarding has a greater degree of freedom, not rigidly fixed form, need to slide freely imagination, create inspiration in the process of movement. Riding an electric scooter, in the square, park, road rotation or beat, so that electric scooters become a collection of entertainment and fitness fashion leisure sports.

Play electric scooter can improve heart and lung function, strengthen the muscles and back arm, legs stretched ligaments, promote bone growth, increase the equilibrium reaction and sensitive coordination.

Matters needing attention

Common sense of electric scooter

• 1 electric scooter must use the original parts, otherwise prone to danger.

• 2 before riding, to adjust the height of the electric scooter to fit their height.

• 3 select the brake performance of electric scooter, and familiar with the brake position.

• 4 regularly to the bearing oil, reduce the resistance to sliding.

• 5 beginners should be on the small slope of the road on the road, gradually deepen the difficulty.

• 6 do not slide on wet or too bumpy road.


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