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CNC lathe processing sequence

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CNC lathe processing sequence

  The arrangement of the processing sequence should be based on the structure of the parts and the status of the blank, as well as the positioning of the clamping needs to be taken into account, the focus is the rigidity of the workpiece is not destroyed. The order shall generally be carried out in accordance with the following principles:

1, the process can not affect the processing of the next process of positioning and clamping, the middle of the general machine tool processing procedures have to be considered.

2, the first internal cavity processing sequence, after the shape of the machining process.

3, at the same time in the installation of the multi process, should be arranged on the workpiece rigid damage small process.

4, with the same positioning, clamping mode or the same knife processing of the best connection, in order to reduce the number of repeat positioning, changing the number of times and the number of moving platen.

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