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How to extend the life of CNC machine tools?

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How to extend the life of CNC machine tools?

  In order to fully display its benefits and reduce the occurrence of failure, it is necessary to do routine maintenance work, so the requirements of  CNC lathe maintenance staff not only have mechanical, processing technology and hydraulic pneumatic knowledge, but also with electronic computers, automatic control, Measurement technology and other knowledge, so as to a comprehensive understanding, grasp the CNC lathe, timely maintenance work, as a very important regular work, precision CNC lathe for proper maintenance is very important.

  1, in the machine tool to measure the parts, to wait for parts to be completely stopped after the implementation, otherwise not only the measuring surface of the measurement of premature wear and loss of accuracy, and will cause accidents. Especially when the driver used the wild card, do not think that the calipers simple, wear a little does not matter, pay attention to castings often have pores and shrinkage, once the clamp into the pores, the operator's hand can also pull into, causing serious accidents.

  2, in the machine shop in the air will generally have oil mist, dust and even metal powder, once they fall on the CNC system within the circuit board or electronic devices, easy to cause the insulation resistance between components, and even lead to components and circuits The board is damaged. Some users in the summer in order to make the CNC system can overload long-term work, to open the cabinet to open the door to heat, this is a very undesirable method, which will eventually lead to accelerated damage to the CNC system.

  3, regular machine level and mechanical precision inspection and correction. Mechanical precision correction methods are soft and hard two. The soft method is mainly through the system parameters compensation, such as screw backlash compensation, the coordinates of the positioning accuracy of fixed-point compensation, the machine back to the reference point correction; hard method generally in the machine overhaul, such as rail scratch, ball Screw nut pair preload to adjust the reverse gap and so on.

  4, should check the control cabinet on the cooling fan work is normal.
Every six months or quarterly check once the duct filter is blocked phenomenon, if the dust accumulation on the filter too much, not timely cleaning, will cause the temperature inside the CNC cabinet is too high.

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