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How to control the surface roughness of metal processing?

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How to control the surface roughness of metal processing?

  Hardware mechanical parts processing industry, also known as the surface roughness of the workpiece surface roughness, general precision machining parts roughness requirements are relatively high, in the machining process, how do we control the surface roughness of metal parts processing?

1, cutting the amount of processing: refers to the cutting feed, can reduce the amount of surface processing.

2, select the geometric parameters of the cutting tool: from the processing of the geometric parameters of the cutting tool, can be appropriate to reduce the auxiliary angle and increase the radius of the tool tip, if necessary, can be trimmed light repair. It is easy to cut and reduce the surface roughness.

3, control the vibration of the machine tool: can reduce the friction between the tool and the work piece, the extrusion starts, causes the cutting tool sharpening to be sharp, filling the cutting fluid and carries on the appropriate heat treatment to certain toughness good work piece material.

4, choose the reasonable processing technology: in the process of precision machine parts processing, machining process is also very important, such as unreasonable process may affect the processing quality and production efficiency. A lot of precision machined parts need to be machined to finish finish.

5, the choice of raw materials are different: mechanical equipment parts, composed of a lot of different raw materials processing, according to the different density of raw materials, the process of cutting tool and machine tool selection is directly related to the surface roughness.

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