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The development of CNC hardware processing

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The development of CNC hardware processing

  In recent years, China's CNC hardware parts processing industry has been more than ten years of accumulation and steadily improve,It is now the largest country in the world,Exports grow steadily every year.Which,Export is the largest amount of tools products,Up to $5 billion 340 million;Followed by building hardware,For $4 billion 340 million.Faucet exports $2 billion 230 million,Locks export $680 million.The largest export country is the United states,Japan,Europe,The Republic of korea。China's hardware industry is growing at an annual rate of about 8%.Last year, exports of hardware exceeded $5 billion,Ranked third in the light industry export ranking.Due to the improvement of China's hardware manufacturing and production capacity expansion,Within the next 5 years,China's hardware products will remain stable growth of more than 10% per year.The first 10 months of China's import and export of electromechanical products more than $500 billion.Surplus to further expand,Accumulated up to $7 billion 60 million,Accounted for 64% of the country's trade surplus.The change of international hardware market provides a good opportunity for China's export of hardware products.Asia china,Taiwan area,Hongkong CNC hardware parts processing products in the world after the developed countries.

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