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Advantages of CNC lathe for metal processing

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Advantages of CNC lathe for metal processing

  CNC lathe processing of hardware parts are automatically completed in accordance with the procedures in advance,In addition to operating the keyboard operator,Handling work,The key process of the middle detection and the operation of the lathe,Do not need to carry out complex repetitive manual operation,Labor intensity and degree of tension can be greatly reduced.Another,CNC lathes generally have better safety protection,Automatic chip removal,Automatic cooling and automatic lubrication device.CNC lathes do not have to use a lot of tools like a general-purpose lathe,Only a small number of fixtures.Once the part drawing has been modified,Just modify the corresponding program section,In a short period of time will be the new hardware parts processing.Thus the production cycle is short,Strong flexibility,For many varieties of small batch production and the development of new products to provide favorable conditions.

  The spindle speed and feed range of CNC lathe is larger than that of general lathe,Each process can choose the best cutting dosage,The structural rigidity of the CNC lathe allows the CNC lathe to be used for large cutting power,Thus, the mobile time is saved effectively.The acceleration and deceleration control of the moving parts of the CNC lathe,And can use a very high idle speed,The positioning and cutting time is shortened.When using the tool center and automatic tool changer,The workpiece is usually only once clamping can complete all the processing steps,Reduce the turnover time of semi-finished products,Production efficiency is very high.CNC lathe machining quality stability,Can also reduce inspection time.CNC lathe than ordinary lathe to improve efficiency 2 - 3 times,Complex metal parts processing,Productivity can be increased by more than ten times or even several times.


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