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Surface treatment of metal parts

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Surface treatment of metal parts

  Hardware surface processing can be divided into:Metal spray processing,Electroplate、Surface polishing,Metal corrosion processing, etc..

  Metal parts surface processing:

  1.painting process:Hardware factory in the production of large hardware products are used in the paint processing,Through painting process to avoid rust hardware,For example:Daily supplies、Electrical enclosure,Such crafts.

  2.plating:Electroplating is also the most common metal processing technology,Plating on the surface of metal parts by modern technology,To ensure that the product is used for a long time without mildew rust,Electroplating processing common:Screw、Stamping parts、Battery sheet,Car parts,Small accessories, etc..

  3.surface polishing:Surface polishing processing is generally used in daily necessities,Through the surface treatment of hardware products such as:We produce a comb,The comb is made of metal,So the comb out of the edge of the comb is very sharp,We're going to the corner by polishing the sharp part into a smooth polished section,So in the use of the process will not harm the human body.

  Turning the outer surface is the basic method for the machining of the round face,The equipment used is lathe.In the general machinery factory,The total number of machine lathe accounted for about 40%.Turning is the main method of rough machining and semi finishing of various materials,Is not suitable for grinding of various materials of the final finishing metho

  Small batch production,Turning the outer surface of the general lathe.Mass production time,The utility model is widely applicable to the Multi Tool semi-automatic lathe or automatic lathe.Large disk parts should be processed on the vertical lathe.Large long axis parts need to be machined on heavy horizontal lathe.

  Characteristics of turning the outer surface:1 simple tool,Manufacturing grinding and easy installation;2 smooth cutting process,Small cutting force fluctuation,Conducive to the use of high cutting speed,Increase productivity;3 good machine tools,Can be processed in a folder out of circle,End face,Inner hole,Thread and chamfering etc..The mutual position precision of each surface is easy to guarantee;4 suitable for non-ferrous metal parts finishing.


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