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The role of transformer heat sink

time:2021-01-23 10:10 author:Heat sink design click:

Heat sink in transformer
Keywords: transformer heat sink, the role of heat sink
Transformer is a very important tool in our daily production. Because the machines we use in our daily production are not necessarily the 220 volts we specified, at this time we need to use transformers to enable these machines to be used in our limited voltage. So in the process of using the transformer, we will find that the use of the transformer actually generates a lot of heat. So next, the author will share with you what the heat sink in the transformer does.
A transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. The main components are the primary coil, the secondary coil and the iron core (magnetic core). The main functions are: voltage transformation, current transformation, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage stabilization (magnetic saturation transformer), etc.
It can be divided into:
Power transformers and special transformers (electric furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, power frequency test transformers, voltage regulators, mining transformers, audio transformers, intermediate frequency transformers, high frequency transformers, impact transformers, instrument transformers, electronic transformers, reactors, transformers Wait). Circuit symbols often use T as the beginning of the number. Example: T01, T201, etc.
The appearance characteristics of the heat sink mainly have the following points:
(1) The shape of the radiating fin can be flat plate or various profile types, made of aluminum.
(2) The heat sink is sleeved on the shell of the power amplifier tube and fixed on the power amplifier integrated circuit with screws. According to these characteristics, the heat sink can be easily found on the circuit board.

Heat sink for corrugated fuel tank
Heat sink function
When the power amplifier tube is working, the collector will generate a lot of heat. If the heat is not dissipated in time, it will greatly affect its dissipation power PCM, the lighter will affect the output power of the device, and the worst will damage the device. This is because the transistor has thermal resistance, which affects the heat dissipation. For this reason, in some occasions with high output power, heat sinks are installed on the power amplifier tubes and power amplifier integrated circuits to help them dissipate heat. After adding the heat sink, the thermal resistance of the power amplifier tube will be greatly reduced, and the heat of the collector is easily dissipated into the space, so the junction temperature of the power amplifier tube is not too high. Conversely speaking, after adding a heat sink, the thermal resistance of the transistor is reduced, and the power amplifier transistor can withstand greater power dissipation under the same ambient temperature, which is why the heat sink is added.

At present, there are two types of heat sinks for transformers: the first type is used as a fin radiator, usually high-quality cold-rolled steel plate (ST13). The other is a heat sink for corrugated fuel tank, the material is 08AL steel plate. The latter type of radiator has a better expansion coefficient and is often used as a fully sealed transformer tank.

Summary: The editor introduced the role of the transformer heat sink above. The heat sink of the transformer, as the name suggests, is for the heat dissipation of the transformer. Because only the heat sink of the transformer can be used normally, we can guarantee the safety of the instrument to the greatest extent. Of course, different heat sinks still have different uses. Therefore, when we install the transformer, we had better be able to install the transformer in a ventilated environment, so as to maximize the heat dissipation for the transformer.