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The difference between silicon-free thermal conductive sheet and high thermal conductive silicone sheet

time:2021-01-28 19:20 author:Heat sink design click:

Thermal conductive silicone sheet
Silicon-free thermal pads and high thermal conductivity silicone pads are thermal interface materials, both of which have high thermal conductivity and flexibility for heat dissipation. But the two are still different in practical applications, so what are the differences between them?
The characteristics and applications of silicon-free thermal pads:
1. Good durability and long-term flexibility, high thermal conductivity, can quickly transfer heat to the heat sink;
2. Does not produce low molecular weight siloxane gas, causing contact damage to substrates and other components;
3. Since the top layer has a non-sticky layer with low ductility, it has excellent processability and reworkability;
4. Halogen-free, with high level of flame retardancy.

Characteristics and applications of high thermal conductivity silicone sheet:
1. With high flexibility and high thermal conductivity, it can quickly transfer heat to the heat sink;
2. With low molecular weight siloxane gas volatility, the risk of contact failure can be reduced to a low level even if used for a long time;
3. Halogen-free, with high level of flame retardancy;
4. The low-viscosity two-layer structure realizes high workability and reworkability.
In fact, considering the characteristics of the two, the two thermal interface materials are not much different, and they are more suitable for applications in certain aspects.