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How to use semiconductor refrigeration film

time:2021-01-24 11:25 author:Heat sink design click:

Semiconductor cooling film
Instructions for use of the refrigeration sheet:
The correct installation and assembly method of refrigeration fins:
1. Semiconductor refrigeration fins are installed with heat sinks on one side and conduction cooling system on the other side. The installation surface is not more than 0.03mm flat. To remove burrs and dirt.
2. The semiconductor refrigeration fins are in good contact with the heat sink and the conductive cold block, and the contact surface must be coated with a thin layer of thermal conductive silicone grease.
3. When fixing the semiconductor refrigeration fins, the force of the refrigeration fins must be even. Also be careful not to overdo it. To prevent fracturing of the tiles.

The correct use conditions of the semiconductor refrigeration film:
   1. The DC power supply voltage must not exceed the rated voltage, and the power supply ripple factor is less than 10%.
  2. The current must not exceed the rated current of the component.
   3. When the semiconductor refrigeration film is working, the reverse voltage must not be applied instantaneously (it must be after 5 minutes).
  4. No water can enter the semiconductor refrigeration chip.
  5. The humidity around the semiconductor refrigeration chip shall not exceed 80%.

Application method of semiconductor refrigeration sheet
Attention issues in the use of CDL1 series semiconductor refrigeration components:
1. When using non-dedicated equipment to test the device, under the working parameters, the temperature of the heating end must be lower than 80℃ (including changing the direction of the current from the cold end to the hot end). Under the condition that the hot end does not dissipate heat, conduct an instantaneous energization test, that is, touch the two end faces of the cooler with your hands, one end feels a certain degree of heat, and one end has a slight cold feel. Otherwise, because the hot end temperature is too high, it is easy to cause short circuit or open circuit of the device, and make the semiconductor refrigeration equipment useless.

2. Under normal conditions, when identifying the polarity of the refrigeration component, the cold end of the refrigeration component can be placed upwards and the lead end facing the human body. At this time, the lead on the right is the positive electrode, which is usually indicated in red;
On the left is the negative pole, which is usually represented by black, blue or white. This polarity is the wiring method when the refrigeration unit is working. When heating is needed, just change the polarity of the current. When semiconductor refrigeration works, a DC power supply must be used, and the twisting coefficient of the power supply should be less than 10%.

3. The identification method of semiconductor refrigeration galvanic pair number and limit voltage. The galvanic pair number refers to the number of PN nodes. For example: the model of the semiconductor cooler is CDL1-12703, then 127 is the number of galvanic pairs of the refrigeration component, 03 is the allowable current value (unit ampere), and the limit voltage of the refrigeration component V;
The number of galvanic pairs & TImes; 0.11, for example: the limit voltage of CDLl-12703 V=l27&TImes; 0.11=13.97 (V).

4. Regardless of whether the various refrigeration components are in use or in the test, the two ends must be restored to room temperature during the cold and heat exchange (generally it takes more than 15 minutes to perform). Otherwise it is easy to cause the ceramic chip to burst.

5. In order to improve the life of the refrigeration components, the exposed PN components around the refrigeration components should be cured before use. Method Use 706 single set of cured rubber, evenly spread on the PN components around the refrigeration assembly, do not spread on the two end faces. The coated rubber is naturally cured within 24 hours, and after curing, it becomes a milky white elastic solid. The purpose of solidification is to completely isolate the cooling component galvanic couple from the outside air. Plays the role of moisture-proof, can increase the life of refrigeration components by about 50%.

6. When installing, first wipe the two ends of the refrigeration unit with anhydrous alcohol cotton, and apply a thin layer of thermal grease evenly: The installation surface (cold storage plate, heat dissipation plate) should be precisely processed, and the surface flatness should not be greater than 0.03MM, and cleaned; During the installation process, the working surface of the cold end of the refrigeration component must be in good contact with the cold storage plate, and the hot end should be in good contact with the heat sink (such as tightening with screws, the force should be even, not excessive); The size of the cold storage plate and radiator plate depends on the cooling method and cooling power, and can be determined by themselves according to the situation; In order to achieve the best cooling effect, the space between the cold storage plate and the heat dissipation plate should be filled with insulation material, and the thickness should be 25~30mm.