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How to design a heat sink for a regulated power supply

time:2021-01-28 15:52 author:Heat sink design click:

12V to 5V 7805 voltage regulator circuit diagram: connection as shown below. The heat sink is generally made of aluminum, but it can also be simpler. Both capacitors are needed. If there is no capacitor at the output end, 7805 can easily generate self-oscillation, and if there is no capacitor at the input end, the voltage stored in the output capacitor will not be completely discharged at the moment of shutdown. When the input is powered off, the voltage at both ends of the input and output will be inverted, which is easy to damage the regulator.
Voltage stabilizing circuit: A circuit that can maintain a constant output voltage when the input voltage, load, ambient temperature, circuit parameters, etc. change. This circuit can provide a stable DC power supply and is widely used in various electronic devices.
Heat sink design of power supply

There are many ways to classify regulated power supplies. According to the type of output power supply, there are DC regulated power supply and AC regulated power supply;
According to the connection mode of the voltage stabilizing circuit and the load, there are series regulated power supplies and parallel regulated power supplies;
According to the working status of the regulator tube, there are linear regulated power supplies and switching regulated power supplies;
According to the circuit type, there are simple regulated power supply and feedback regulated power supply, and so on. Such a wide range of classification methods often make beginners confused and do not know where to start. In fact, it should be said that there is a certain level of relationship between these seemingly diverse classification methods. As long as this level is clarified, the types of power sources can naturally be distinguished.
The 7805 is a three-terminal regulator integrated circuit with an output voltage of 5V. The wiring method is shown in the figure below:
In order to obtain a smooth DC output, it is recommended to connect a 100 microfarad /16V electrolytic capacitor from the 12V input terminal to the ground (the "negative" in the figure);
Connect an electrolytic capacitor above 100 microfarads/16V from the 5V output terminal to the ground (the "negative" in the figure).