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How does thermal graphite sheet dissipate heat?

time:2021-01-23 10:40 author:Heat sink design click:

Heat dissipation function of thermal graphite sheet
Thermally conductive graphite sheet heat dissipation is actually a typical thermal management system and an external cooling device. It is composed of two aspects, the radiator and the thermal cross section.

The important function of the heat sink is a large effective surface area, on which heat is transferred and taken away by an external cooling medium. The thermally conductive graphite sheet effectively transfers the heat by evenly distributing the heat on a two-dimensional plane, so as to ensure that the components work at the temperature they withstand.
Product characteristics of TIR thermal conductive graphite sheet:
1. The surface of the thermally conductive graphite sheet can be combined with other materials such as metal, plastic, stickers, etc., to meet the design functions and needs of more mobile phones and other products;
2. Thermal conductivity: 240~1700W/m.k, graphite sheet has better thermal conductivity than metal;
3. The thermal conductive graphite sheet is light, its specific gravity is only 1.0~1.3, soft, and easy to operate;
4. The thermal conductive graphite sheet has low thermal resistance. Its color is generally black. Thickness graphite sheet: 0.012-1.0mm viscose: 0.03 mm ultra-thin 0.012MM;
5. Thermal conductivity plane conduction 240~1700W/m.k vertical conduction 20-30 W/m.k;
6. The temperature resistance of the thermal conductive graphite sheet can reach 400℃;
7. Low thermal resistance: The thermal resistance of the thermally conductive graphite sheet is 40% lower than that of aluminum and 20% lower than that of copper;
8. Light weight: The thermal conductive graphite sheet is 25% lighter than aluminum and 75% lighter than copper;
9. High thermal conductivity: The heat-dissipating graphite sheet can be smoothly attached to any flat and curved surface, and can be cut in any form according to customer needs.