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car hardware axis processing, Dongguan KangDing become Honda suppliers

Article source:China metal processing networkResponsible editor:adminauthor:Kangding HardwarePopularity: Publication time:2016-12-15 19:25 font size:【 large middle Small
car hardware axis processing, Dongguan KangDing become Honda suppliers
Guangzhou Honda is a large-scale Japanese automobile enterprises,Japanese companies on the choice of suppliers,Is very strict and famous,I engaged in auto parts industry for more than 10 years,With my company's advanced production technology,And large-scale CNC machining equipment,Advantage of product prices,After pre-proofing and corporate professional certification,We solve all the questions of Guangzhou Honda,Very satisfied with our service and quality.  We do not complete the process of other enterprises!Help auto companies greatly reduce costs,
Customer Testimonial: Thank you again Dongguan Kangding!
So that Japanese-funded enterprises of China's metal processing enterprises have a new understanding of product technology.Auto parts industry once again full of passion!
Shun wish Dongguan Kangding, business is booming, bigger and bigger in the world!
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