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ASUS computer Copper tube Aluminum radiator,I chose Dongguan KangDing CNC machining

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CNC加工ASUS computer Copper tube Aluminum radiator,I chose Dongguan KangDing CNC machining
Asustek Computer in the computer industry, the old brand leading enterprises,Computer cooling radiator is the key to the normal operation of computer cooling accessories,In recent years, ASUS computer products on our increasingly demanding, computer development is too fast,Looking for suppliers in mainland China, Computer radiator is not only to pay attention to processing technology,But also calculate the amount of heat products,Often have the product deformation and surface treatment is not good,Return rate is very high,Not to mention customer churn rate,ASUS computer this old brand,Strict requirements on the selection of suppliers,Ordinary enterprises are unable to cooperate,After thousands of enterprises in the fierce competition,Dongguan Kangding company come to the fore,We sent a model, ASUS company after careful testing,Quality is really good,Cooling function is strong,Surface treatment reached the international level.
Customer Testimonial: The most did not expect that,And Dongguan Kangding cooperation for more than 10 years,Radiator qualified rate of close to 100%This is what we did not expect before,Such enterprises,Very young, very energetic,Hope that Dongguan Kangding Yuezuo Yue better,Qualified products can keep the record!
Copper tube Aluminum radiator