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Dongguan Kangding for lenovo provide insertmolding terminal

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  Dongguan Kangding for lenovo provide insertmolding terminal
Insertmolding terminal is the highest requirements of metal stamping products,(Lenovo) lenovo company after a multi-channel technology assessment,My company's engineers through several improvements and testing,Design a set of insert molding terminal mold,Access to national patents.Products directly through the (Lenovo) lenovo company recognized,Long-term cooperation has also been recognized by the industry.
    Insertmolding terminal mold parts machining accuracy is extremely high,Need to use oil cutting,PG, JG, and other high-precision processing equipment;Terminal structure, bold innovation,Dongguan Kangding HDMI connector to change the original production process,Enhance the quality of HDMI standard (SMT flatness, orthogonality);And customers to develop and share the utility model patents.Improve the product's service life, Dongguan Kangding processing hardware insertmolding terminal has become the industry standard.
Customer Testimonial: Dongguan Kending technical skills, capture technical difficulties,Cooperation in recent years is very pleasant,Thank you again Dongguan Kangding,I wish the business is booming, the two companies to make progress together!
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